About Us

About Us

We here at IceMakerReviews.Org take pride in exploring the world of ice makers and bringing you the knowledge you need to make the right choice of machine, whatever your needs might be. Not all ice makers are created equal: Some are better at creating ice in bulk than others, some are more energy efficient than others, some prioritize compactness over volume. At the end of the day, which ice maker is best for you actually ends up being a reasonably complex question. Our goal is to teach you what you need to know to simplify that question and make your decision easily and accurately.

about us


When choosing an ice maker, it’s important to know what you need. Are you looking for a machine that can create a huge volume of ice in a short span of time? Or are you more concerned with how energy efficient your machine is? These are good questions that anyone hunting for a good deal on a good machine should consider. We can’t choose priorities for you, but we can give you information on these things you’re likely to be prioritizing – e.g., energy efficiency, speed of ice production, production modes (crushed, cubed, etc.), and the like.

Comparison To Industry Standards

Our experts have quite a bit of experience in the business of reviewing ice makers, and they know quite a bit about what machines are widely considered to be the “gold standards” of the market. This means they’ll be able to tell you how a given machine measures up against the competition. This ensures you’ll have a good idea as to how much your chosen machine can do, how well it can do it, and what you can expect in terms of quality, as measured against the gold standard of the industry.

Reliable Information

We here at IceMakerReviews.Org are more concerned with providing you with objective, accurate evaluations than in filling our own pockets with your cash, in fact we don’t even have ice makers for sale… As such, all the information we provide is guaranteed to be 100% accurate and 100% objective. Nothing appears on this site that isn’t reviewed by experts, so you can rest assured that everything you read is coming from someone who knows exactly what he or she is talking about. Remember, our number one tenet is objectivity. We want to provide you with reliable, unbiased information that you can’t find on a manufacturer’s website so that you can make the right decisions.


At the end of the day, the right ice maker for you is the one that does what you need it to, when you need it to do it, and gives you no trouble along the way. Unfortunately, it’s not always clear which machine fits the bill. Every advertisement would have you believe that the ice maker featured in the ad is the best. Of course, this is true every once in awhile, but not every machine is the best on the market. Our job is to help you determine which one is, and we take that job very seriously.